Antenatal classes in English

Antenatal classes - Maternal Education

This program is designed to help future mums and dads during this important period.

During the program we talk and discussed about pregnancy, delivery, postnatal period, breastfeeding, how to look after baby, nurturing/upbringing, pelvic floor exercises…

Ideally mums should start the antenatal classes at 25/40 pregnancy week, if it is possible we recommend to bring their partner with them. We have an agreement with most of private health insurances (Asisa, Sanitas, Adeslas, Mapfre, DKV, Caser…)

Midwife appointment and pregnancy follow up

The main goal of this appointment is to inform and advise the couple about pregnancy and delivery in an individualized way.

The length of the appointment will be 1 hour and a half. This appointment is highly recommended for those women who are planning to have a natural birth. We will help the woman and the partner to be ready for that beautiful moment:

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