Postnatal services in English

In “Centro Mi Matrona” we offer some of our maternity services exclusively in English:

Breastfeeding support

Foto de bebe mamandoBreastfeeding is sometimes uncomfortable or painful, those symptoms are telling us that something is not done properly.

The breastfeeding specialize midwife will support mums on latching, attachment and position of the baby while breastfeeding.

The midwife will also help those mums who suffer from mastitis, nipple cracks, delay on milk production or babies who are having an excessive weight loss.

Postnatal Follow

Between day 5 and day 10 from the birth of your baby we recommend to have a check up Foto de una mamá cogiendo en brazos a su bebéon mum and baby. This appointment or visit is done by a midwife, she will assess you during one hour and a half the following:

  • Breast, whether you chose breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Uterus involution and uterus contraction
  • Lochia
  • Mucous membrane check up
  • Babyblues support
  • Assessment of pelvic floor, perineum and tear or episiotomy stitches
  • New born reflex
  • Assessment of the umbilical cord
  • Breastfeeding & bottle feeding tips
  • Any queries, question or doubts

Baby Massage

MASAJE INFANTIL MARBELLADuring this course we will learn baby massage techniques (arms, chest, legs, back… massage).we will be able to enjoy this moment with our baby while we discuss with the midwife anything we might be worried about: crying baby, sleeping patterns, nursing and baby feeds (breastfeeding or bottle feeding), physical and mental maternal wellbeing…

It is been shown that Baby massage has multiple benefits such as: improve blood circulation, respiratory and pulmonary function, flatulence, constipation, colic, grumpy babies and also improve psychomotricity development. There are some benefits for mums and dads as well, baby massage helps relaxation, improve and reinforce the bonding between baby and parents and we will become comfortable with baby body language and baby communication skills.

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